1000 Friends of Wisconsin


1000 Friends of Wisconsin,

1000 Friends of Wisconsin advocates and promotes uses of land, water and air that shape healthy communities where people want to live, work, and play.

Our work focuses on helping communities make the connection between our everyday land use and transportation decisions and our state’s economic, environmental and cultural health.

The three things that 1k Friends does is

  1. Promote and advocate beneficial land, water and air use policies.
  2. Evaluate, update implementation of Smart Growth Law.
  3. Educate and market Smart Growth concepts through Green Tier Communities.

1000 Friends of Wisconsin is a great charity that is doing great work in Wisconsin. By focusing on one of Wisconsin’s greatest strengths, our environment, 1000 Friends is working to make communities where people want to live. On their website, 1000 friends offers many resources for those looking to get involved.

Check them out at :

16 N Carroll StnMadison, WI 53703



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